For people of all faiths and none

Mission and Values

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About us

Founded in 1859 the Catholic Children’s Society is one of the oldest charities supporting disadvantaged children and families in the UK.

Our vision is of a just society in which:

  1. Every child is loved and brought up by their parents.
  2. The dignity and rights of every individual are cherished with respect.
  3. The voices of the poor and vulnerable are listened to and acted upon.
  4. All families have access to decent housing and a living wage.
  5. Children and families have an opportunity to play an active part in their community.

We work with people of all faiths and none, drawing inspiration from Christian values derived from the Gospels and the teaching of the Catholic Church.

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We aspire to a world in which the material, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the young are recognised, respected and met.


Our mission is to bring hope and change to children and families living with the material, emotional and psychological distress which threatens physical, mental and spiritual well-being and undermines family life.

CCS Values and Strategic Objectives

Values: We draw inspiration from, and whilst not proselytising, give witness to, Christian values, derived from the Gospel as interpreted by the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Our work is driven by:

Hope: That the lives of children and families can be transformed and their aspirations achieved.

The Importance of Family and Relationship Stability for Children: That a healthy society recognises the need to support and value family life as the cornerstone on which it is built.

Partnership: We value the contribution of our employees, trustees, volunteers and users and work in partnership with statutory, voluntary and other organisations who share our values in seeking an end to the relational and material poverty that cause distress in children’s lives.

Transparency: We have a responsibility to be accountable for the stewardship of the resources which we receive and the effectiveness of their use in the professional services we provide


St Francis Family Centre, Poplar, London. Part of the Catholic Children's Society.

How we help

We help children and families who have found themselves in domestic, relationship and personal crisis and who need immediate support.

Each year our services reach out to over 3000 of the most disadvantaged children and families living in particularly deprived parts of London & Hertfordshire.