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Family Centres

We operate two centres offering a range of services for children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds

St Francis Family Centre

St Francis Family Centre is based in Tower Hamlets, an area with the highest rate of child poverty in the country.  All the families we work with are on very low incomes; they live in cramped substandard accommodation and often feel isolated and overwhelmed by their deprived circumstances.  The centre is a real hub of the local community and provides families with a number of important services including:

  • An Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ nursery:
    Helping deprived children be better prepared for school so they can go on to achieve their full potential
  • An After-School Club:
    Providing stimulating educational activities for children aged five to eight
  • A Toy Library:
    Giving poor families the opportunity to access educational books and toys
  • Parent talks and workshops:
    Helping parents learn about a range of topics including supporting children’s speech development, budgeting and healthy eating
  • Summer holidays and day trips:
    For many of our families this is the only opportunity they get to leave inner London and have day trips out or a holiday

This is the only nursery in the area where parents are encouraged to remain on the premises and our staff work closely with them to plan and deliver nursery activities.  By working in partnership with parents in this way we empower them to nurture their children’s educational development and give their children the best possible start in life.

“All children and their families receive outstanding support from staff,
enabling them to thrive and make excellent individual progress”

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2011

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We now plan to build on the success of this work and move to much larger premises with improved facilities. This will enable us to significantly increase the number of families we can support at St Francis.

St Mark’s Stay and Play

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has some of the most expensive property in the UK – but in the north of the Borough it has some of the Country’s most deprived areas.

St Mark’s Park Stay and Play in North Kensington offers parents a safe and welcoming toddler group with the space for children to run around freely and to play safely outside.

Stay & Play offers parents the opportunity to meet others and to relax away from home or speak confidentially to a member of staff about personal difficulties they might be experiencing. The play area means children from all backgrounds learn and socialise together in a safe and welcoming environment.

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ConnectEd is the delivery arm for our Child & Adolescent Mental health Services.

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Post Adoption and After-Care

Ladbroke Grove
London W10 6EJ

020 8969 5305

The Catholic Children’s Society is no longer an adoption agency, but we do have an ongoing duty of care to our former adopters and adoptees.

The Post Adoption and After Care Team works with adult adoptees, adopters and birth families who are seeking help advice or counselling in relation to adoption or those who were formerly in our care. Using the sensitivity, skills and knowledge of the workers, and the records the Society holds the service helps adults adopted as children and former residents of our children’s homes to achieve a greater understanding of their origins and reasons for separation. For more information or to make an enquiry please click here.

To find out more about our services please contact us 020 8969 5305.