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Adoptive families with children under 18

The Society has been involved with adoption placements over many years. Since the 1990′s the children who have been placed with our approved adopters have increasingly come from Local Authorities around the country.

Support to adoptive families

We offer assistance and advice on obtaining any support which may be needed. For the first three years after the adoption order is made it is the child’s placing authority which carries primary responsibility, transferring subsequently to the Local Authority where your family now lives.

We also offer:

  • Access to our specialist therapeutic services based in north London.
  • Letterbox services where agreed.
  • Access to records for children whom we placed from the age of 18. Children placed by a Local Authority will need to get in touch with that Authority.

Parents are reminded that the Local Authority in which you live may also offer various general services, like support groups for adoptive parents and/or children, as well as training workshops. It is worth checking with your Local Authority to see what programmes they have.

Independent organisations like the Post Adoption Centre,Adoption UK and After also offer services to adoptive families. Do check these websites from time to time as courses and workshops are updated regularly.

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