Apology to former child migrants

In 2020 the Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) (CCSW) provided a statement to IICSA during the child migration case study in which Dr Rosemary Keenan, the Chief Executive Officer at the time, expressed her sincere apology to all former child migrants:


“In making this statement on behalf of the CCSW, I wish to state that we recognise the enormous impact of migration upon the lives of individuals who were involved in the child migration programmes and we are profoundly sorry that any child came to harm through involvement in these programmes. The CCSW has sought to assist and support former child migrants who contact the organisation seeking information about their family and background and will continue to do so”.


Bishop Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds and Vice Chair of the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission, gave evidence to the panel of IICSA on 18 July 2017 on behalf of the Catholic Council for IICSA and also apologised to all those involved in Catholic child migration programmes (to download this apology click here).