CCS helps over 1,400 families impacted by COVID-19

In recent weeks, the Catholic Children’s Society has been supporting growing numbers of families facing desperate situations as a result of the Coronavirus.  Through our close links with schools, we have been able to identify the most disadvantaged families who are now at breaking point due to redundancies and loss of work.  With food banks running low, many of these families are struggling to feed their children.

We have used our Crisis Fund to provide emergency grants for over 1,400 vulnerable families (including over 2,300 children) to help with food and basic subsistence costs.

In one case, we helped a mother of two young children under five. Maria usually worked as a cleaner on a zero-hour contract, but the Coronavirus crisis has left her jobless and with no income.  With no recourse to public funds, she had just £10 left to support her family until she could get back to work. We helped alleviate the huge pressure and anxiety experienced by this family by providing funds for them to buy food during the challenging weeks ahead.

This is just one example of the hundreds of families we have been able to provide emergency support for.  Headteachers have reported on the impact this is having:

“This will be a lifeline for our families… this is really making a difference to these children.”

 “You will not believe the reaction this amazing act of kindness is having… thank you!!!”

Our response to this crisis would not have been possible without our supporters and we would like to say a huge thank you to individuals, parishes and schools for enabling us to help so many children and families during these difficult times.

If you are able to help, please consider making a donation.