Alice's Story

Last year six-year-old Alice witnessed the unexpected death of her grandfather.

This had such a profound effect on Alice – she became highly anxious, withdrawn and obsessive about death, often enacting being dead as a form of play. At night she suffered sleep disturbances and night terrors.

Months went by and Alice was becoming increasingly detached and isolated – she didn’t engage in class and some days she refused to leave her home and go to school.

Rainbows gave Alice the chance to share her anxieties and fears in a safe environment with other children who had also experienced a loss in their lives. Initially Alice was very wary of speaking, but gradually she started to open up.

As the sessions progressed Alice formed strong bonds with the other children in the group; she felt less alone with the deep sense of shock and grief she was experiencing. When the 12-week programme came to an end Alice said:

“Thank you for this group . . . You have taken away my sad feelings and made me happy again.”