"I feel much happier - I don’t feel so alone”

School counselling & therapy

We have qualified counsellors and therapists based on-site in over 70 schools supporting children and young people with complex mental health difficulties.


Why this is needed

Mental health issues are a growing concern; one in 10 children have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem.  That is an average of three in every classroom.

Poor mental health can impact on every aspect of children’s lives.  They can struggle to concentrate in class, or even to attend school at all.  They can find it hard to make friends and become increasingly isolated.

Without appropriate support mental health difficulties can stay with young people throughout their adult lives and seriously impact on their long-term health and wellbeing.  This can lead to self-medication through drugs/alcohol, self-harm and even suicide.

“I felt worthless.  I didn’t want to speak to anyone.  I just felt isolated and alone”

Girl, aged 11


How we help

Our counsellors and therapists work with young people to help them come to terms with their difficulties, unburden themselves and address issues causing distress.  This may be due to a range of issues such as abuse, bereavement, neglect or domestic violence.

For younger children we often use play therapy, or other creative arts therapies, to help explore the painful issues children struggle to communicate verbally.

As a result of these early intervention services children and young people develop greater resilience, are better able to cope and their emotional wellbeing significantly improves.

“Having someone to speak to about my problems has helped me so much… I’m calmer and don’t feel so sad anymore’’

Boy, aged 13


Improving children’s futures

By providing support at an early stage we give vulnerable children the tools they need to improve their mental health and unlock their full potential.  Ultimately this ensures they can overcome the disadvantages they face and have better chances in life.

“It is an excellent service.  We’ve seen real improvements in the wellbeing of pupils, putting them in a far stronger position to engage with learning and achieve at school”

Eleesa Dowding, Headteacher, Harmondsworth Primary School, Hillingdon


If your school is interested in this service please contact us to discuss how we can help.