The Catholic Children’s Society supports disadvantaged children and families across London, Hertfordshire and the South East.  We work with individuals of all faiths and none; our sole aim is to help those in greatest need.

"You're the only charity who helped when we desperately needed it"

We support hundreds of families facing a crisis each year. One family were being made homeless as the father was in hospital and unable to work.  We helped pay the rent for just a few weeks, ensuring this father and his two daughters could keep their home.

By making a donation you can help us reach out to more families in desperate need.

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Supporting children's mental health & wellbeing

Our ConnectEd counselling and therapy services support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of thousands of children each year. These services are based on-site in over 70 primary, secondary and special schools.  This specialist support ensures vulnerable children and young people can develop resilience, achieve their full potential and have better chances in life.

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Supporting children with bereavement & loss

We provide training for school staff so they can provide support groups for children who have experienced a devastating loss in their lives.  These Rainbows groups help children feel less alone with their grief, improve their self-esteem and prevent more serious mental health issues from developing.

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