“The agency provides an exceptional service” (Ofsted)

Pathways: Post Adoption & After Care

Our Post Adoption & Aftercare Team works with adopted adults, adoptive parents and birth families who are seeking help and advice in relation to adoption. We also provide support for adults who were once in our care and/or in one of the children’s homes whose records we hold.


Why this is needed

From 1859 until the 1970’s there were orphanages and children’s homes that were run by or under the auspices of the Catholic Children’s Society, formerly the Crusade of Rescue. Between 1948 and 2008 we also placed over 6,000 children with adoptive families. This service helps these individuals to achieve a greater understanding of their origins and reasons for their separation from their birth parents. It also provides advice and support to those seeking reunions with ‘lost’ family members.

“This agency provides an outstanding, highly specialised service for adopted adults and their birth relatives.”

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2024


How we help

We keep records and files dating back over a hundred years to ensure we can provide as much information as possible to individuals seeking information about their past. Facing an unknown past can raise all sorts of fears and fantasies which our team of qualified social workers and counsellors help to navigate.

““There is an exceptional level of user satisfaction.  One service user said. ‘It’s made a complete difference to my life.’ Another said, ‘It’s been life changing.’” 

Ofsted Inspection Report, 2024


Our Statement of Purpose can be downloaded here: Statement of Purpose

Contact us

Our Post Adoption & Aftercare service is based at our head office.

Please complete the contact form below if:

  • You grew up in one of our children’s homes and want access to care records
  • You are a descendant of a now deceased former resident and are searching for information
  • You are a former child migrant or their relative
  • You are a birth relative seeking news of an adopted adult
  • You were adopted and are seeking information or wish to trace birth relatives
  • You are a descendant of a now deceased adopted adult and are searching for information

You can view our Privacy Notice for this service here: Pathways Post Adoption & Aftercare – Privacy Notice

If you are a former child migrant (or their relative) who was not in the care of the Crusade of Rescue, please click here for the relevant privacy notice.